Compostelana Club Café

A wild environment

Nestled in the Plaza del Charco, an emblematic place of the city, you will find an exquisitely decorated terrace among tropical vegetation. The cozy style, full of colors, patterns and natural textures, make each corner a very special and unique space. Savoring world dishes, savoring traditional Canarian cuisine, tasting signature cocktails, listening to live music or dining among dim lights and candles are just some of the many things you can experience at Club Café.


An unbeatable product selection

“At Zumaque we try to make the customer enjoy the highest level, always offering an unbeatable product selection and, also, affordable to all profiles.”

At the controls of this new gastronomic project is one of the chefs of reference for years in the island gastronomy; Lucas Maes, with two other top-level restaurants open for a few years in the south of the island of Tenerife (Sucas Restaurant and Aqua Restaurant).



A story of love and passion

Cumai’s story is a story of love and passion. Cumai is the acronym for the names of Curro Palomares, María Pérez and Iván, their son.

The origin of this innovative project starts when, after many years of working in different hotel chains, large restaurants and launches, Curro and María decide to change their lives.

In 2014 they settled in Tenerife and set up El aliño, in La Orotava, in the north of Tenerife, where they immediately made a good number of friends. Shortly after, they decide to open the first Cumai, also in La Orotava. A small place with six tables, where Curro’s kitchen is sophisticated and María’s room is perfected, notably expanding her fan base.

In 2018 they conclude that Cumai must move forward and they have the opportunity to transfer their brand to the recently remodeled Atlantic Mirage Suites & Spa hotel.

The new Cumai opens in October 2018 with Curro’s signature in the kitchen and the contemporary vision of María in the room.

El Taller Seve Díaz

A pleasure for your senses

The restaurant “El taller Seve Díaz” is a space with a personal gastronomic offer and in which small details are taken care of. For their team, the quality of the raw material and the treatment of the same are very important. They give a lot of relevance to the room service, which is the fundamental complement to enhance their offer. The intention is to provide the customer with a “pleasure” experience together with the place, the decoration and the attention of the staff.